I’m Web Designer and Graphic Designer with 20 years of experience in several different areas of Web Design, Graphic Design and Internet Marketing. For the last ten years I have been working on UI Design projects and for the past three years I have been working mostly on UX Design projects in teams with developers and designers. My background also includes Corporate, Agency and Freelance Web Design and Graphic Design experience, with a history of leading Web Interactive, Print and Digital Design projects. I worked on UI/UX design concepts for Websites, Applications, Online Advertising Campaigns, Ecommerce Projects, Product Launch Marketing, Social Media Design in various industry areas.

Latest Project: Industrial Application

DESCRIPTION: This is application design project for a company that deals with making software for the needs of various industries. The application is used on tablets specially designed to control workstations. As a request I received a document with the needs that the client stated as necessary and which should have been foreseen in the design.

This is application by which the Project Manager controls the work of the workstations and the workers who serve them. A worker or more can work at each workstation.

Some of the requirements were:

  1. Application could track the time that was scheduled for completion as well as the time spent.
  2. Number of workers who worked on the project.
  3. Number of products produced.
  4. The number interruptions that caused the scraps.
  5. Data on each worker and his hours spent.
  6. Global view on all workstations and detailed view about one workstation.

UI/UX Design Process

  1. Before I started working, I had to do researching about of the project itself. These were conversations with Project Manager and Product Manager. I had questions
    about specific details related to the application itself.
  2. When I got information about the project, I had only my iPad.  I drafted my initial plan with my pencil on the iPad.
  3. Some screens from a hand-drawn-out sketch, are again quickly built in the Balsamiq wireframing app.
  4. After wireframes were done I proceeded to create the final UI Design of the application. Final design was done in Adobe XD.

UI/UX Design

Here is just a small part of projects I created for few companies in USA and EU. I designed ecommerce web layouts, dashboards, websites, mobile and tablet user interfaces, mobile apps etc.

Web Animation

About ten years ago, I was involved in creation of animated sites and video animation. I use that knowledge in creating animated headers, banners and other animated web elements.

Graphic & Print Design

I have designed large number of Graphic and Print Design projects, Corporate and Brand Identity Design concepts, Logo designs and Stationary designs for companies and clients all over the world.

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