The area in Design where I have worked the most for the last 3 years is UI/UX Design. Here is a part of latest projects I created for some companies in USA and EU. Software I’m using in my UI/UX projects are mostly Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe XD, Principle, Flinto, Balsamiq etc.

Industrial Application

DESCRIPTION: This is application design project for a company that deals with making software for the needs of various industries. The application is used on tablets specially designed to control workstations. As a request I received a document with the needs that the client stated as necessary and which should have been foreseen in the design.

This is application by which the Project Manager controls the work of the workstations and the workers who serve them. A worker or more can work at each workstation.

Some of the requirements were:

  1. Application could track the time that was scheduled for completion as well as the time spent.
  2. Number of workers who worked on the project.
  3. Number of products produced.
  4. The number interruptions that caused the scraps.
  5. Data on each worker and his hours spent.
  6. Global view on all workstations and detailed view about one workstation.

UI/UX Design Process

  1. Before I started working, I had to do researching about of the project itself. These were conversations with Project Manager and Product Manager. I had questions
    about specific details related to the application itself.
  2. When I got information about the project, I had only my iPad.  I drafted my initial plan with my pencil on the iPad.
  3. Some screens from a hand-drawn-out sketch, are again quickly built in the Balsamiq wireframing app.
  4. After wireframes were done I proceeded to create the final UI Design of the application. Final design was done in Adobe XD.

Website THE PLS - USA

This is a redesign of an existing site that sells properties in US. It was necessary to maintain the same site structure but to improve the interface and make it simpler and more flexible for its users.  This is just a part of the pages that have been redesigned.

• New User Interface Design.
• Clean pixel-perfect, high-quality visual design.
• Dashboard with several pages where users, real estate agents manage their profiles and real estate offers.


In the year 2017, I worked for the well-known EU company in the Egamming and Betting industry. It was a series of websites where I worked on the redesign of existing Web projects. Many of these sites have an exceptional ranking with Google. In the new revamped edition I was working on, it was necessary to keep the same wireframing but to increase the attractiveness of the sections on the site as well as to create better visibility of CTA elements. Also, it was necessary sometimes to create a new website Logo designs.

WETT ANGEBOTSCODE is german Sport Betting Portal and one of those projects.

• New Website Logo Design.
• Clean pixel-perfect, high-quality visual design.
• Few landing page variations and several subpages.

SWAG's Website - Geek's Page - USA

This page is part of SWAG’s Web site.

Speak With A Geek is company from San Francisco. The Website of company represents the network of IT experts from all over the world. My job was to create a complete new Website Design with new landing page and all subpages. This page specifically is the profile page of an SWAG geek with presented skills, location, ranking, community rating etc.

• New Website Logo Design.
• Clean, light, pixel-perfect, high-quality and modern visual design.
• Few landing page variations and 20 subpages.

Intranet Project - YUM! Brands - USA

Administration panel for Yum! Brands, USA. Applications are used by employees in sub-companies TacoBell, Pizza Hut and KFC.

This is a simple Intranet application with administration login panel created in two versions for different mobile devices.
The main design effort was on “easy to find” and user friendly interface design.

• Clean white – red, user friendly visual design
• Several screens with different features .

Mobile Application DUO.CLICK RADIO - International

This is a redesign of mobile application Duo.Click Web Radio. Radio was launched by a group of music enthusiasts. Developers are still working on iOS and Android apps.
The main design effort was on “easy to find” and user friendly interface design.

• New Logo Design.
• Clean pixel-perfect, high-quality user friendly visual design
• Several screens with different online and offline player features .


This is another project from the series of Web Concepts created for Egamming and Sports Betting industry. Bytheway, I’ve treated each of these projects in a different design style. In this project, I decided that images on the website, header and other graphic elements should be in a commic book style.

• New Website Logo Design.
• Clean pixel-perfect, high-quality visual design with Casino   atmosphere.
• Few landing page variations and several subpages.

Transpectra Lighting System - USA

This is the design of the administration panel created for the desktop application named Transpectra Lighting System . TLS main purpose is about easy street lighting management in one city. I’ve designed several screens with different functions along with the city map.

• Existing Logo Update.
• Clean, light user friendly visual design
• Several screens with different  features .


This Project is from the series of Web designs created for Egamming industry.

The main focus of my work was on highlighting CTA elements along with other important and useful information for gamers. It was also important to create a medieval atmosphere with elements of that era, but not to disrupt the easy recognition  of the interactive elements that players should invoke in the game.

• Clear and visible CTA elements with Bonus info .
• Casino atmosphere design with medieval styled design.
• Few landing page variations and several subpages.

Mobile Application - LIGHTBED - USA

Mobile Application design for project LIGHTBED.

This application was created as a support to the product LIGHTBED. This application takes care of the healthy life of users.

The client’s request was clear. They wanted a simple, clear interface without much details, as well as showing all the basic functions that LIGHTBED provides.

Clear display of commands in the application .
A simple colored view.
• Several screens with all app’s functions.